Fancy Food: 18 Foods That Look Exactly Like Iggy Azalea (Photos)

Ashley Fern

There are many questions in the world to which we have no answers: Why is the sky blue? How do females bleed for three to five days monthly without dying? Why does my dad scream at me when I run up his credit card bill?

But today, we are focusing on one particularly confusing question: Why does Iggy Azalea look like these foods?

While I can’t provide you with the answer to that mind-numbing question, I can entertain you with the comparisons.

Holy Cannoli! Iggy Comes In Dessert Form!

The new rare?

Even more reason to enjoy nachos!


The only lox I’m interested in.

She’s totally worth the calories.

I’ll take three, please!

This is strangely on point.

Digging the color scheme here.

She makes pale look good.

I think this may be a little offensive..

Making breakfast fun, one egg yolk at a time.

She can even cure your stomach ache!

Just so you can eat some of this…

Ice gone Iggy?

She’s the best Lucky Charm you could ever hope to find in your cereal.

Yes, please!

 Where all the food ends up.

Photos Courtesy: Tumblr 

Ashley Fern


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