Jimmy Fallon And Jon Hamm Photobomb Lucky Tourists In New York At The ‘Top Of The Rock’ (Video)

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I would pay good money to get photo bombed by Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm, especially at the same time. These lucky people got it for free.

Fallon is really living up to the hype as new “Tonight Show” host, and last night wasn’t any different. The funny guy teamed up with Jon Hamm of “Mad Men” to photo bomb people in NYC.

In order to properly photo bomb, the people must not know you’re behind them. So, in an effort to hide their secret, they asked people to take a picture for the NBC Top of The Rock website, all the while Hamm and Fallon were in the background doing outrageous things.

The people thought being on the website was cool enough, but after taking home photos of Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm “Lady and the Tramp”-ing a sandwich behind them, I am sure their idea of cool sky rocketed.

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Veronica Grossman

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