Kevin Spacey Tells His Life Story In 30 Seconds With Cartoon Bunnies (Video)

Veronica Grossman

Kevin Spacey has been a respected and adored actor since probably the dawn of time. Especially now, at the height of his hit Netflix series, “House of Cards.”

However, it has taken a lot to get him to this point. And what better way to tell your story than to team up with Angry Alien Productions and voice over a bunch of animated bunnies?

Watch how Spacey went from acting in plays as a boy to corresponding with KatharineĀ HepburnĀ all the way to the politician we love to hate, Frank Underwood, all in 30 seconds.

It’s trippy to see Kevin Spacey use cute little bunnies. Wouldn’t he feel more comfortable with like big, bad matadors?

Veronica Grossman


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