The Lessons We Can Learn From HBO’s The Newsroom: Episode 2

Preston Waters

On Sunday, HBO aired the second episode of their critically acclaimed show The Newsroom. This episode did not disappoint fans as we saw more into the relationship between Mackenzie and Will, and also caught a glimpse into how news stories are chosen to be reported.

It seems as if each episode will touch on real news stories that have happened, starting with the BP oil spill in 2010. In this episode, the ACN team discussed the topic of Arizona SB 1070, Arizona’s Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act. Main characters Mackenzie and Will faced two different struggles in this episode as well: a power struggle to choose which stories would be reported during the news show and how to deal with the other people in the office knowing about their former relationship.

After last night’s episode, titled “News Night 2.0″, there are many important lessons that can be learned from HBO’s The Newsroom:

Always let the right person do the job

In the workplace, if there are ever important decisions that need to be made or important tasks to be completed, make sure the right person is doing the job. There are times when it is appropriate to give the less experienced person the opportunity to dip their feet into a task that is challenging, but you must know when the appropriate time for this is. When you are looking for a specific result, you must make sure you delegate the task to a person who can adequately perform it to your liking.

Sex still sells

While business has experienced an influx of independent, capable women in all workforce sectors, sex is still a valuable tool to get the job done. Women are now respected for their work, but they are also using one of their best tools to accomplish their ambitions: sex.

Whether with the flash of a smile, a tight pencil skirt, or an infectious personality that swoons even the most uptight boss, sometimes it takes a women’s charm to get the job done. Even though sex still sells, it is important to get the job done effectively, instead of using sex aimlessly.

Be a leader and possess a moral center with integrity

Week after week, The Newsroom teaches us one of the most important factors in being successful: leadership. We find Will McAvoy showing every week that it is his strong leadership that commands the respect others have for him. When being a leader, it is important to have a moral center so that you make proper and correct decisions. Being a leader who is continuously aware of their morals allows that person to maintain a constant integrity. At the end of the day, a leader makes decisions that affect all those around them, so it is important that they act with integrity.

Don’t mix work with pleasure

You have heard it time and time again: do not shit where you eat. Although there are those who may find their future husband or wife while working or in the same company, it is a rare occasion that relationships in the workplace are successful. People love a great scandal, so your relationship will slowly but shortly become the office soap opera. You will also be viewed as unprofessional.

That quick smirk across the table at your lover will turn into whispers around the office. Taking lunch breaks together will turn into people thinking you value this new relationship more than your job. When six weeks go by and you realize that your relationship will not work out, you are then forced to be with this person in an awkward professional setting. Unless you have thought about it and believe it is 100-150% worth it, do not mix work with pleasure.

Are there always two sides to every story?

People say that there are two sides to every story. But there are actually three: one side, the other and the truth. Sometimes, there are instances where there is just one story to be told: the truth. If you are confident that the story you are going to tell is the only side that should be listened to, it is important to make sure that it is the complete truth and is a story you can repeat again. Verbatim. No matter where you are and with the correct facts.

The next time someone tells you there are three sides to every story, be sure to interrupt them and let them know there is only one worth listening to: the truth.

Bonus – If an ex knocks on the door of the guy or girl you are with and they tell you to hide under the bed so the ex can come in – get out.

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