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Nicki Minaj's Insta Proves She Maybe Broke Up With Meek Mill: ‘I'm So Over U'

It appears that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have hopped on the long, sad train ride to Splitsville, USA. *choo, choo, wimper, wimper*

On Sunday, Nick took to Instagram to post about a pair of Chanel sandals gifted to her by celebrity wardrobe stylist Sinceré Armani and to write a terse breakup message that seems to be directly aimed at Meek:

Nicki Minaj break


Wow, Nicki's “so over” Meek that she's thanking God that he blew it? WHAT DID YOU DO, MEEK?

In case you wondering whether or not this post is referencing Meek instead of another former lover, Mill has since deleted his Instagram account, which is definitely suspicious AF.

It's basically the equivalent of getting investigated by the FBI and shredding all your important documents at once. Not that I've been investigated by the FBI…

Yup, as of right now, Meek's Instagram content is “unavailable”… unlike Nicki, who is probably very available as of this moment.

This breakup comes as a bit of surprise after the two were spotted vacationing together in Turks and Caicos, where Nicki showed off Minaj-levels of sideboob:

But guess what, guys?

Nicki is STILL on vacation, and on Monday, she posted this picture with the caption reading, “Hello from the other side.”

I mean, Nicki quoting Adele lyrics on her Instagram is probably the most convincing evidence that she's going through a breakup with Meek, who is nowhere to be found in her recent posts BTW.

There's truly nothing like Adele to get us through the tough times after calling it quits with our significant others.

It makes me wonder which artists Adele rocks out to when she's breaking up with someone.

On top of all this, it would seem that Nicki is actively using her Instagram to find herself a rebound STAT:

“Sex me on the beach” not only sounds like a delicious, tropical cocktail, it sounds like a pretty tempting invitation for any and all bachelors out there. *sprays Binaca, coughs a lot*

I'm here for you, Nicki. I've always been (*points to heart*) here.

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Raised in Long Island, went to school in Chicago, living in Los Angeles. Yes, I'm slowly sinking into the Pacific Ocean.
Raised in Long Island, went to school in Chicago, living in Los Angeles. Yes, I'm slowly sinking into the Pacific Ocean.

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