Paul Anka Dishes Out About Frank Sinatra’s Sex Life

Paul Anka Dishes Out About Frank Sinatra’s Sex Life

Paul Anka is releasing a new biography and in it he made sure not leave out any of the good stuff. The legendary songwriter is dishing out all of the juicy stories about his life including the sex secrets of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.


His new book, titled “My Way” tells the story of Anka’s days of hanging with the Rat Pack in the 1960s. Anka shares about long nights and how they’d end at a health club that would only stay open for them and all the fellas would wear a robe Sinatra had bought them with their initials sewn in.

Anka writes, “The food was great, the girls were hot, tiptoeing into the steam room giggling. These beautiful women, standing there stark naked.”

He doesn’t leave out the fact that there were tons of hot young ladies around too. He claims they had massage rooms set aside if any of the guys wanted to sneak away with one of the girls. Anka even went as far as to say that Sinatra was not into gangbangs.

“My Way” is due out on April 9th.

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