The Celebrity Twitter Accounts You Should Never Follow

The Celebrity Twitter Accounts You Should Never Follow
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The past few years have witnessed a massive surge in the popularity of social networking. What was initially seen as a passing trend has now become an ingrained method of communication and of our lives. The 140-character-or-less Twitterverse has become the premier network used to provide a bridge that has allowed celebrities to interact with fans on a more personal level.

For some this may even include updates on every step of their lives. Communicating with fans without any PR agency or record label filter has created an intimate level of interaction with fans that has never before been possible.

Twitter serves as the best opportunity fans have to come to foster communication with celebrities on a daily basis. As many celebrities are avid tweeters, there are some accounts that are just down right nonsensical due to their public idiocy. It is unfortunate that a large number of celebrities bombard us with their Tweets about trips to the gym and horribly cheesy inspirational quotes.

To ensure that you avoid these eyesores, here are some of the worst celebrities you could ever follow. We’ve endured their nonsense so that you don’t have to:

5. Diddy (@iamdiddy)

Since creating his Twitter account, Diddy has been bombarding millions of followers with tweets about overpaid club appearances, Ciroc’s newest flavor, Sean John, Rick Ross and terrible inspirational quotes that he retweets from Ralph Marston. If that wasn’t annoying enough, he also retweets any fans that post pictures of them drinking Ciroc, most commonly at places like BBQs or clubs. After a flurry of Ciroc pictures you can find him tweeting about his two newest artists: French Montana or Machine Gun Kelly. The marketing genius has turned his page into a source of free product advertisement. You will also hear about what clubs he is “attending”, or making a paid appearance for. At one point, his twitter account served no other purpose than a digital billboard for Rick Ross’s most recent album at the time.
4. Lil Wayne (@liltunechi)

Not only is accurate spelling nonexistent in this twitter feed, but the majority of his tweets are nonsensical and meaningless. The tweets are poorly articulated and at times one will be forced to utilize to decode his mystifying jargon. It will take you hours to decode his incoherent rambling; his tweets are rather reminiscent of the quality of his lyrics. We frequently wonder what the hell he is trying to convey with his cryptic and misspelled tweets. If that wasn’t bad enough, you’ll find him tweeting about what city he is delivering a sold-out performance in next. One would think that the multimillion dollar recording artist could hire an intern to spell check his rants.
3. Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)

Somehow this horrible excuse of a Twitter account manages to have about 14 million followers. This Twitter feed consists of some of the most stupefying 140-character messages you’ll ever encounter. Kim incoherently discusses her sleep cycle, her new dismal fragrance of the month, her contrived DASH sales, the color of her weave, and her workout schedule. If you can endure this idiocy without cringing for 6 days a week, you’ll surely tap out on Sunday when youcan catch her advising her legions of cronies to watch her horrid reality TV show. Clearly, she’s laughing all the way to the bank. Kim will also attempt to sell you her products through her page through direct links to ecommerce sites with deceptive messages. Fortunately for Kim, there are 14 million people that gladly surf her spam in support of this iconic beauty. Did you know she makes an estimated $25,000 per sponsored tweet of these endorsed products? Yea, like we said… Cronies
2. Snooki (@snooki)

Not only is she annoying on TV, but having to endure her rambling on Twitter can give you a headache equivalent to a hangover resulting from a long night of imbibing Patron and Jameson in the same sitting. On a daily basis, you can find the words Guido and Guidette in her vocabulary. If you didn’t know, that is the only way she knows how to characterize the human population. In her compelling content you will find exclusive, clearly thoughtprovoking insight on her Guido boyfriend. If this isn’t enough to make you want to close your browser, be prepared to witness Snook #hashtag almost everything with the words “#Jersey” or “#jerzday”. We have never before seen an bridge-and-tunneler so proud of their modest origins in Jersey. We know it’s wrong, but if and when she does reproduce, our society must seriously consider calling child services to save the poor lad or lass.
1. Kanye West (@kanyewest)

It is a true rarity to witness a live Yeezy tweet. You would think that someone so self-centered would expose his followers to every second of his illustrious life. God knows he has a lot to say! Just ask Taylor Swift. However, every time he does tweet it becomes a well-documented event and the entire twitterverse bears witness. Hell, even newspapers and major blogs feature a story on Kanye after he tweets. When he does decide to tweet—typically at a frequency of once every few months—it turns into a 6 hour, 20-plus tweet rant. Clearly, Yeezy has yet to fully comprehend the dynamics of the Twitterverse. We sincerely hope that Mr. West develops better Twitter habits, as he could potentially be one of the greatest tweeters of all time.

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