Some Genius Is Using Nothing But Patrick Bateman Quotes On Tinder (Photos)

Adam Pliskin

There are a lot of creepy guys on Tinder. But, chances are, most of them aren’t full-blown, psychopathic serial killers.

Well, one genius/madman Tinder user has been pretending to be Patrick Bateman from “American Psycho.” He strictly uses lines from the movie on these unsuspecting females, and the results are hilarious.

He posted many of his interactions on his Twitter account, Tinder Like Bateman. Let me tell you, there are some real gems here. I’m irrationally excited about all of this because I’m obsessed with the movie.

Even if you’re not as big of a fan, there’s still plenty of enjoyment to be had while checking out this Twitter account. You’ll especially enjoy it if you’re into that whole Yale thing.

But, I have to say, if this guy ever manages to get a date through this, he needs to figure out how to get a res at Dorsia. I hear they’ve got a great sea urchin ceviche.


Bateman is a very particular kind of guy.

What a line! Gets the ladies every time.

The business card scene might be the best scene in the history of cinema.

Hey, Paul!

Girls love guys who work on Wall Street.

They also love a well-groomed man.

I feel ya, dawg.

Adam Pliskin


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