Don’t Worry, We Have All Of Kanye’s Insane Tweets To Wiz Khalifa

Not to sound like a kid in a rowdy cafeteria, but… TWITTER FIGHT!!!

*throws Twimoji across the room*

*Twimoji accidentally hits Kanye West*


*runs until I pass out*

Kanye West recently announced he'd be changing the name of his upcoming release, SWISH, to WAVES.

Shortly after, Wiz Khalifa hopped on Twitter to remind followers the Wave movement was actually the creation of artist Max B.

Kanye acknowledged Max B with a tweet.

Wiz remained unimpressed.

Cut to this very moment in Twitter history: Kanye gives fair warning he’s still SUPER petty despite his success.

You want to talk about stealing, Wiz? Seriously, do you? Because ‘Ye wants to…

OUCHIE MAMA! Single burrrn!

Yeezy hits it hard with the Kimoji.

He refers to Wiz as a mere distraction, six tweets deep.

Kanye does take a break, though, to compliment Wiz’s cool pants.

Credit where credit’s due: They were very cool pants.


‘Ye slips in a diss for Amber Rose who, despite having dated both rappers, is not involved in the argument and probably doesn’t deserve the heat.

Well, sh*t’s serious now. No turning back.

Kanye starts reprimanding Wiz like a grandmother at the end of her goddamn rope.

Pants are reintroduced to the discussion, naturally.

It eventually becomes unclear if Kanye and Kid Cudi created an innovative approach to hip-hop or if they created tight jeans.

Kanye continues to reprimand and I, the reader, begin to wonder if Wiz is sitting in a studio somewhere thinking, “Oh nononononononoooo!”

Yeezy recalls respecting Wiz even before he knew how great his pants were.

Wiz and Amber’s son is brought up a second time, making this awkward for everyone, including Internet bystanders.

While this tweet crosses so many lines, it is the most quotable by far.

Kanye attacks Wiz’s alleged lack of creativity, which, at this point, feels like a mild accusation.

Some deep-seated friendship issues start to bubble to the surface, possibly explaining the outburst.

More OG talk ensues.

Kanye follows it up with what feels like a sincere compliment.

Eventually, he decides height is overrated.

The hits keep coming.

Yeezy takes a minute to craft a delightful verse because he’s an artist first and foremost.

He credits Wiz for the buzz this Twitter war will get him.

He gives us all a heads-up about his upcoming release.

Annnd ends it on a positive note.

At one point during Kanye’s rant, Wiz insists he has joints to roll and excuses himself from the drama.

Since deleting his rant tweets, Kanye has sent plenty of cyber blessings and positivity Wiz’s way.

Two men who live lives the rest of us plebes can only dream of should spend their time rolling in money and giggling about their good fortunes together, for all our sakes.

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Taylor Ortega