The Story Of How ‘Harry Potter’ Saved One Boy’s Life Will Bring You To Tears

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This one’s going to pull on your heartstrings, so prepare yourself. The Call Me Ishmael project is a clever endeavor that asks people to leave an anonymous voicemail about a book that they love in an inbox that belongs to the aforementioned Ishmael.

There, they can briefly speak about the way this book affected their lives and helped them to grow or understand the world. One person named Nathan left such a voicemail, and it will make you feel all the feels.

Nathan left his voicemail about J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series. Nathan grew up with a single mother who was addicted to crack.

He didn’t receive the proper care or love that a child deserves from his mother, and his childhood was pretty brutal because of it.

But, luckily for Nathan, he stumbled upon the “Potter” books when he was young, and they helped save him from his awful upbringing.

In the voicemail, he says,

Like Harry, I knew what it was like to hide in the cupboard and to be abused by people charged with caring for you. So I allowed myself the belief those years that if Harry could be rescued, so could I.

It’s a really touching story that highlights the way that fiction, and books in particular, can make a real human impact.

Check out the voicemail above.

H/T: Huffington Post

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