The 25 Things We’ll Miss About ‘Breaking Bad’

Lauren Martin

The end of “Breaking Bad” is comparable to the end of an era. It may have only been five seasons, but it feels like a lifetime. Over the course of those five seasons, we came to call the fictional characters our family. We cried with them, rejoiced with them and even resented them at times.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster with the series finale, with a necessary but heartbreaking conclusion. Through sobs and heavy breaths, we understood what needed to be done even if we didn’t like it. Though you may have woken up with a pit in your stomach, you should have felt some closure.

With the epic closing of this chapter in our lives it only seems appropriate to pay homage to the show that brought so much joy, pain and overall excitement to our lives. It made us understand the meth world and the people who occupy it. So in respect to the show and the man we miss so dearly, here’s all the things we will miss about “Breaking Bad.”

Jesse Saying “Bitch”

 Heisenberg’s Hat

 Walt Jr.’s Breakfast

 Jesse Saying “Eat Me”

 Walt Being A Badass

 Jesse Getting High

 B*tches Crying

Saul’s Advice

 The Man Called Heisenberg

 Cooking Meth

 Jesse Crying

 The Explosions

 Marie Always Screwing Up

 The Bell

 Hank Trying To Keep Up

 The Rigid B*tch And Her Stevia

Creepy Gus

 Jane’s Hot Ass


 Skylar Being Pissed All The Time

 Todd Sucking Walt’s D*ck

 Holly Never Getting Older

 The Magnets

 The Ricin

 The Partnership


Watching the greatest show on TV.

Lauren Martin



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