The 13 Places To Visit In 2013

The 13 Places To Visit In 2013
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It’s a new year and that means it’s time for you to get out of your comfort zone and see some new shit. So plan accordingly and utilize the precious time you have this year to go somewhere amazing!

And luckily for you this should be easy as we have already compiled a list of the top destinations for you to visit in 2013. Find out where you need to plan your next getaway below.

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13. Boracay, Philippines

The natural white sand beaches, pristine reefs, and secluded small surf towns really make the Philippines a sought after destination. There is a new generation of luxury hotels opening that are worth going to as well. If you are looking for some waves or just love going to the beach then visiting Boracay in the Philippines should definitely be on your to do list.

12. Hvar, Croatia

Looking to go island hopping? Well the 16th Century Venetian fortress island of Hvar is the perfect destination for you. This island has been drawing yachts, island hoppers and celebrities on a steady basis. The luxury hotels, hillside villas and fun nightclubs make this a hot spot for 2013.

11. The Kimberley, Australia

Even by Australian standards, the Kimberley region is remote, with roughly 50,000 people living in an area larger than Germany. The area has long been largely off-limits to anyone without a yacht or the nerve to pilot a four-wheel drive through rocky riverbeds. Now luxury lodges have opened up the region to travelers willing to trade big bucks for land-based access to some spectacular spots.

10. Montenegro

Since its peaceful split from Serbia, Montenegro is becoming the hidden gem of Eastern Europe. It’s beautiful sandy beaches and well known day parties have made this an exquisite summer time destination. Some of the best clubs such as Top Hill can be found here as well. Great prices for luxury service has caught the attention of many wealthy Russian oligarchs and former Yugoslavs. Its relatively cheap costs and natural beauty make this a hot destination.

9. Singapore

As one of the world’s richest nations and a capital of global finance, Singapore has been awash in green for decades. But lately the densely populated city-state is burnishing its credentials as another type of green center — the ecological kind. A study released in 2011 by The Economist magazine’s Intelligence Unit and Siemens ranked Singapore as the greenest city in Asia. Its luxury hotels and great city scape make this a city worth visiting.

8. Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Going here would require you to spend a bit of money, but it is worth it. This year also marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic, which will bring yet more cultural celebrations. This will be a good year to go and visit turkey.

7. New Delhi

Having surpassed its sibling Mumbai in the number of millionaire residents who call it home, New Delhi is celebrating its economic rise with gusto. It’s even added speed to its notoriously creaky infrastructure. Delhi’s new metro system provides a smooth yet surreal ride from the dense cacophony of the ancient Mughal bazaars to the hypermodern mega-malls of the grassy suburbs. Setting new standards for dramatic design, hotels like the Aman, Oberoi, and Leela have all recently opened strikingly original and competing visions of living in style in a city that suddenly exudes a lot of it.

6. Rossland, British Columbia

The largest terrain expansion in North American skiing is under way just north of the border at Red Mountain Resort in Rossland, British Columbia. Long known for its steeps, tree-skiing and out-of-the-way location that leaves its lift mazes empty. However it led Skiing magazine last year to call it the “most underrated” resort. Red has embarked on a two-year project that will add nearly 1,000 acres on neighboring Grey Mountain.

5. Amsterdam

This year city will also be celebrating 400 years since the building of its iconic canal ring and the 125th birthday of the Concertgebouw, the city’s concert hall, which will feature performances by Eva-Maria Westbroek and Bernard Haitink among others. To prepare for the wave of visitors, there are several new hotels, from the five-star Conservatorium, to an Andaz designed by the Amsterdam-based design star Marcel Wanders. If you’re lucky, you might score the single suite at a hotel/restaurant/shopping/exhibition space named Droog, for the collective that designed it.

4. Bhutan

This tiny country in the Himalayas has become a model for sustainable travel with the number of visitors calibrated to preserve the delicate balance between preservation and revenue. Tourism is far from discouraged, however; new projects are making the country more accessible. The Gangtey Gompa Lodge, which opens in May, will be a new base from which to explore the lush national park of Phobjikha Valley. Of course the main draws remain a network of exquisite monasteries and temples and untouched countryside all in a country that puts happiness ahead of G.D.P.

3. Nicaragua

For the past 30 years, the country has been fighting its image as a land of guerrilla warfare and covert arms deals. At first, only travel writers took note; over the past several years, various publications have declared the country the next great destination. However, if the booming eco-lodge business is any indication, Nicaragua’s moment might finally have arrived. In and around the coastal towns of San Juan del Sur and Maderas, new lodges have been built ready for tourists.

2. Marseille, France

This ancient port town on the Mediterranean is a vibrant ethnic melting pot that brings people of all cultured together. Marseille is also home to an increasing number of contemporary art and avant-garde performances. Exhibition spaces include the 2,000-seat Le Silo, a landmark granary that’s been transformed into a theater; the Panorama, an ex-tobacco factory now home to modern installations; and J1, a hangar on the old port that will host a number of events.

1. Rio de Janeiro, BRazil

With the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics the tropical city perhaps most famous for its Carnival hedonism is on its way to becoming a more sophisticated cultural hub. In January, the Cidade das Artes, or City of the Arts, was inaugurated as the new home of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. Shopping, a Rio obsession, got a boost in December when the luxe VillageMall opened; it will soon house the city’s first Gucci outlet and South America’s first Apple Store. Not to mention that Rio is preparing to host the 2014 World Cup

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