The 58M Soliliquy Concept

The 58M Soliliquy Concept
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Security continues to be of paramount importance and with piracy increasingly becoming more of a threat throughout the oceans, clients are investing in anti-attack systems, armored hidden chambers, escape vessels and tracking devices.


NATO military equipment and NASA-developed satellite tracking are now being combined to deliver state of the art tracking technology that can detect small object,s such as people from as far away as 1km and quickly be relayed to on-board security personal, the crew or the clients on their smart-phones while the vessel is at sea.


On shore, as vessels are docked, many boats are now installing facial, voice and finger-print recognition technology for all guest and crew members to use as part of the counter intruder systems that prevent unwanted persons to enter the boat.

Soliliquy Concept

Following with security concerns, submersible powerboats are becoming more popular with the release of the Marion Hyper-Sub capable of reaching 40 knots with its hybrid technology, can range over 500 nautical miles and completed with a tough design and a dive depth of 250m, it is obvious why it is the market leader in its niche.


But for us the most intriguing development in the submersible market is the Virgin Oceanic luxury super-yacht submersible, capable of diving to a depth of 37,000ft.

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