Alfa Nero Motor Yacht

Alfa Nero Motor Yacht
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The Alfa Nero Motor Yacht was launched by the world renowned Dutch shipyard OceAnco in 2007. The yacht is 82 meters long and has provided an new paradigm in luxury yacht design. The famous team of Nuvolari & Lenard worked on the unique outer design while the interior was designed by the talented Alberto Pinto.

The 82 meter hull of the Alfa Nero is constructed out of steel and has an aluminum superstructure. The yacht can accommodate a total of 12 guests comfortably in its 6 luxury cabins.

There is a total of 1,250-square meters of living space spread across the 82 meter hull. The yacht provides plenty of space for a bridge deck gym, three separate dining areas, a dance room, pantries on the three guest decks, a separate crew lounge, and a lift servicing.

You can accommodate guests in your dinning areas and have them get ready in the personal powder room. This yacht leaves no stone unturned. The interior designer payed great attention to detail making this yacht a home on the water.

The building of the motor yacht, Alfa Nero, was driven by a desire to offer the owners the ultimate luxury. The stand-out feature of this yacht is the Nuvolari-designed ‘beach club’ which features an immense glass-ended pool whose floor can be partially or fully raised, transforming it into a dance floor or helipad on demand.

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