Diamond Coated Bentley Continental GTC

Diamond Coated Bentley Continental GTC
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The Bentley Continental GTC was ruling the road since its debut at the Geneva Motor Show last year. This year, at the Dubai Auto Trader Live show, the flamboyant Continental GTC got a bling makeover, just like the Mercedes SL600 or the Diamond coated Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita.


This car had 32 layers of 101-carat diamond paint, an innovative new product seamed by Swiss company Luxury Refinish, the only international supplier of surface finishing using grounded diamonds straight from the mine.


It took few months to bedazzle the car’s bonnet with the right size diamonds that were malleable but large enough to retain their brilliance. After this Luxury Finish applied a coat of varnish on the Bentley Continental GTC’s bonnet applied to each diamond filament, which measure only 50 micrometers in size.


There is meticulous effort taken to add a thin layer to the surface to ensure the diamonds are spread evenly. The luxurious Bentley Continental GTC with luxury interiors and exquisite exterior costs nearly $200K, however, the price for diamond encrusting is available on request.


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