Lamborghini Aventador Limousine


We’re not fans of limousines…at all. In fact, if anything screams out “I’m A Tool,” it’s a limousine. Unless of course, it’s an Aventador limo which would then make our previous statement completely invalid.

It’s not available for purchase due to the fact that it’s only in concept-form as of now, but we could see why people might want to jump back into the limo phase again.

When Lamborghini, one of the world’s most forward supercar manufacturers unveiled its latest brainchild, the Aventador, car aficionados were left awe-struck. This supercar is synonymous with a well-chiseled body, beautifully cut exteriors, a roaring engine and the power of a thousand bulls.

The limousine hasn’t been built yet and is still on the drawing board for now. The car will sport rich leather seating, ear plasma screen displays, high quality surround sound, a champagne cooler and more.

What caught our eye are the doors that have been designed for this Aventador limousine that replicate Lamborghini’s iconic suicide doors.

Tom Cooper | Elite.



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