This Real-Life Batman Tumbler Takes The Cake At Gumball 3000

Robert Anthony

The Gumball 3000 is an international road rally that features some of the sickest cars you’ll ever see on the streets. If you need a little reminder, feel free to check out our coverage on last year’s speed-fueled event. This year, from Copenhagen to Monte Carlo, you’re going to see something a little less common on the roads: the Batman Tumbler vehicle. That’s right. Remember that sick, rugged vehicle we all witness in “The Dark Knight” back in 2008? Well, Team Galang, one of the rallying teams, decided it’d be dope to replicate that exact vehicle. And guess what — they were right!

Here’s what we know about the Batman Tumbler so far: it can hit a maximum speed of about 100 mph, it weighs about 2.5 tons and is wider than your average 18-wheeler truck. Entering Gumball 3000 as number 74, the Batman Tumbler accompanied by team Galang is certain to wow the crowd more than anyone else’s car will.

Let’s face it, how many times could you actually break your neck looking at a Ferrari or a Bentley? We’ve already seen those super cars so many times, especially at an event where there are multiple models of the same car lined up next to each other. If anything, the Tumbler is going to be the sore thumb of the group, which we mean in the best way possible.

The engine on this car is a V8 6.8 liter, which is coupled with a Cherry Bomb exhaust system that is almost guaranteed to blow out a few eardrums during the lavish event. We’re interested in seeing how this thing makes out in the race, and also looking forward to seeing how the cops will handle this real life batmobile.

The vehicle is in fact street legal; otherwise it wouldn’t be showcased in the race. Despite this, we are expecting uninformed police officers to pull the car over for a few possible reasons, such as speeding, or a simple desire to admire the vehicle and get a closer look! Check out more pictures and the video below.









Robert Anthony



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