Check Out How An Austrian Princess Created A Painting Using The Gust From A Jet Engine

Check Out How An Austrian Princess Created A Painting Using The Gust From A Jet Engine
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Art comes in many different shapes and forms. In this case, it comes in air. An Austrian princess by the name of Princess Tarinan Von Anhalt recently recreated the entire painting game by using the jet of a private plane to blow wind onto her painting. The effect was thought up by the princess herself. Now that’s creativity.

The technique of jet art was created by her husband back in 1982. She’ll be known as the first one to have stepped behind the roaring jet engine of a $11 million Learjet and paint while doing so. First the canvas is set up behind the plane, then the plane is turned on while the artist walks to the rear. The jets are then revved up to create a strong gust of wind.

As described by the Princess, the wind is more powerful than a hurricane and the temperature over 500 degrees! By this act, she intends this to be known as an out-of-the-box fiat. – Luxury Launches

At this point all Princess Tarain Von Anhalt has to do is toss paint up in to the air and the wind will splatter it against the canvas. It’s fairly simple to do and very creative. The only thing she has to be worried about is getting paint in her hair but I’m pretty sure there’s protective gear designed to limit those misfortunes and after all, she’s a princess!

Check out more pictures that will help you piece together exactly how this masterpiece was created.

Flexjet/Jet Art Media
Princess Tarinan von Anhalt
Austrian Princess 1
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