Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept

Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept
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The world’s most powerful electrically driven powerboat, the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept, inspired by the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive is unveiled at the Miami Boat Festival 2013.

Cigarette AMG

Cigarette Racing and Mercedes have collaborated earlier with powerful speedboats like Cigarette 42 Huntress, and Black Series 50′ Marauder Cigarette boat.

Cigarette AMG

However, the new 38 foot (11.6 metre) long Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept is powered by an all-electric Powertrain, and offers an output of 1656 Kilowatts (2,220hp) and a maximum torque of 3000 Newton meters (2,213 ft-lb). The powerboat integrates two drive units at the rear of the boat, and each one of them uses six independent electric motor powers.

Cigarette AMG

It consists of 12 modules liquid-cooled permanent-magnet synchronous electric motors, giving an electric load potential of 600 Kilowatts while weighing 1206 lbs. The powerboat can be fully charged in seven hours using the four “high-tech batteries” which store 240 kWh of energy.

Cigarette AMG

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