Escondido Residence, California

Escondido Residence, California
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This magnificent residence, overlooking Lake Hodges in Southern California, offers 11,500 square feet of luxury and style. The views, the amenities, the design – everything about it is wonderful.

Escondido Residence, California

And we didn’t even mention the various activities that you can enjoy if you live in Escondido, California: mountain biking, hiking, fishing, sailing, golfing, playing tennis, or simply watching the wildlife – all just a few miles away from the quiet neighborhood in which this lovely estate is set.

Escondido Residence, California

Built in a beautiful Mediterranean style, the mansion welcomes its visitors in a foyer with stunning views of the pool and lake below. The house also has a full bar, a game room, a fully-equipped kitchen with top-notch appliances and beautiful cabinets, a two-story office with library, a professional gym room and more.

Escondido Residence, California

The master suite impresses with its breathtaking views, the large fireplace, a living room and a kitchenette. It is currently listed on at $3,245,000.

Escondido Residence, California

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