In Honor Of National Pancake Day, Here Are 15 Insanely Good Pancake Creations You Need To Try (Photos)

Robert Anthony

Happy National Pancake Day! Yup, in case you forgot, today marks the day where we’re all supposed to stuff our faces with pancakes for breakfast (or lunch and even dinner) nationwide! Why does it have its own national day dedicated to it you ask? Well, the answer’s simple.

Pancakes are delicious and should even be a form of legal tender in the United States. Think about it, it’s a great breakfast dish and it’s fully customizable. You can do whatever you want with these things. While they serve as legitimate breakfasts, they’re also a form of cake at the end of the day.

Depending on how you like your pancakes, you can add all types of stuff to them like strawberries, bananas, syrup, chocolate chips, blueberries — pretty much whatever you want! There’s nothing better than pancakes with a side of bacon and eggs in the morning — nothing!

Syrup isn’t the only thing you can do to better your pancake eating experience. Below are 15 insanely goo pancake creations you need to try in honor of National Pancake Day. Bon appétit!

Blueberry Pancakes

Fluffy Greek Yogurt Blueberry Pancakes With Strawberry Maple Syrup

Cake Batter Pancakes

Nutella-Infused Pancakes

M&M Pancakes

Mini Pancake Bites With Strawberries

Coconut Pancakes

Chocolate Pancake Ice Cream Sandwiches

Bacon Pancakes (Literally)

Marble Pancakes

Sweet Oatmeal Pancakes

Red Velvet Cheesecake Pancakes

Tres Leches Pancakes

Cotton Candy Pink Pancakes With Crushed Oreos

Top Photo Courtesy: CrepesofWrath

Robert Anthony


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