Dorothy Martin

Dorothy Martin

Dorothy Martin does it all. As a singer and songwriter who works a clothing line, models, has dabbled in film and television AND manages her own beauty and health blog, you can call her a jack of many trades.

She played the lead female on the soundtrack for Eli Roth’s Goretorium “Songs for the Demented Mind-music by Dj Ashba” and before that released a self-titled EP in 2011 through iTunes. She sees no limits to what can be achieved and is prepared to inspire others with her sense of boundless personal freedom. Interesting facts: Dorothy is an Aries, has nine tattoos and counting, was born in Budapest and speaks Hungarian.

What was the most exciting moment of your singing and modeling  career?

The most exciting moment for me in music was getting to work on “Goretorium: Songs for the Demented Mind” with Dj Ashba. We had a lot of fun playing out scenes based on Eli Roth’s backstory to the “Goretorium” haunt in Las Vegas. In one scene I get offed, so I got really into it with the screaming. We’re shocked no one phoned the police.

Do you have issues being a female signer and model, or does it work in your favor?

I haven’t run into any issues. I love the way I am and if you own it then you can make anything work in your favor!

What advise can you give other girls aspiring to the entertainment and modeling industry?

Follow your gut, your instincts will never lead you astray. It takes a lot of practice to have a real connection with that inner voice, so I meditate a lot and make a point to block out the background noise that our society imposes on us on a daily basis.

What was the turning point in your life where you decided to follow your aspirations as an artist? Who’s influenced you the most?

Well, I hated school, haha. I am so right-brained that I think all I could ever be is an artist. My vocal teacher in San Diego really opened up a lot to me. She had me singing opera, listening to arists I’d never dream I’d listen to, looking at theater, etc. She was a huge influence in my life.

Considering you are in a relationship, how do you manage work and keeping your man happy?

Well, he is extremely good at creating jobs, so it works out for everyone. We are building an incredible company and with it comes incredible opportunities. He always looks at the glass half full, or just full, and he creates magic. I am lucky to be a part of that.

If there were three health tips that you could live by, what would they be?

Eat organic, exercise, drink lots of water. I have many more on my blog:

Being that you have the make-up blog, do you do your own make-up or do you let make-up artists?

I don’t currently have a make-up line but I’d love to launch some products in the future. I do love working with other makeup artists because they always bring something new to the table. Michelle Vanderhule is an incredibly talented artist I had the pleasure of working with when I shot with Mario Barberio.

What is one beauty product you cannot live with out?

Glycolic peels. I use them regularly and they keep my skin beautiful!

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