Eva Longoria For GQ Mexico

Eva Longoria For GQ Mexico

Our favorite ‘desperate housewife’ was recently featured in the December issue of GQ Mexico: Eva Longoria, the 37-year-old Texan and ex-wife of starting point guard for the San Antonio Spurs  Tony Parker , has left the heat of Mexico to shoot in a gloomy cold part of Germany. 

Eva Longoria For GQ Mexico

Eva Longoria is the oh-so-sexy cover girl for GQ Mexico in the December issue. Stripped down to some very tidy white lingerie, Eva confirms that she is world’s sexiest woman in every way. Yep, we agree, she’s a hot little mama.

Eva Longoria For GQ Mexico

For a glimpse of Eva in the the full photoshoot by Randall Slavin and the low down on her action flick, The Baytown Outlaws, be sure to check out GQ Mexico.

Eva Longoria For GQ Mexico

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