How A Model Thinks: Gabriela Bloomgarden

How A Model Thinks: Gabriela Bloomgarden
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Gabriela Bloomgarden is a 17 year old model from New York City. She has been modeling for about a year and a half and is currently represented by Red Model Management in New York and Ford in Los Angeles.

Place of Origin: New York City

Age: 17

Height: 5’9

Measurements: 31-24-34

Twitter:  @gqbloom

In addition to modeling Gabriela is a competitive Irish dancer. Having just graduated high school, Gabriela plans to attend college in the Fall of 2013, while in the mean time, continue to model and dance.

We had a chance to get to know a little more about Gabriela:
When a guy asks you “Where are you from”: what is one interesting thing about your hometown or family we wouldn’t know?

I was born and raised in New York City, which seems to surprise most people! I also come from a family in which both my parents are artists- my mom being a professionally trained opera singer and my dad, a video editor, which I guess is somewhat out of the ordinary.

What are you doing right now to further your career?

Right now I am getting ready for my first season of Fashion week so my schedule at the moment is pretty hectic with show castings.

Is modeling your number one priority? What is your true passion?

I wouldn’t say modeling is my number one priority but it is important to me. I definitely do enjoy modeling and the perks it brings but I guess you could say my “passion” at the moment is competitive Irish dancing. Modeling has been something I do more on the side and basically serves as a way for me to support my dancing as well as a way for me to make some money for college.

To those who find modelling vain, what would say to them to convince them modelling is worth it?

In an industry based greatly on looks, it is hard to convince people that modeling isn’t “vain.” I would say that modeling is great and well worth it for the experience. I have been able to meet many interesting people and learn how the industry works. I also feel as if I have been able to mature and grow as a person through my experience as a model. With that being said, modeling certainly is not as glamorous as it appears and it can definitely be a tough job. Though modeling seems to be based almost completely on looks, personality and being smart about the business can certainly go a long way.

If you had to pick the date, where would you go?

Well, I’m not sure if this qualifies as a date but it would be awesome to go on a road trip or some sort of getaway day trip! But I would also be happy with a simple picnic in the park!

What approach should a guy use that grabs your attention right off the bat?

I like it when guys are outgoing, especially because I can be pretty shy! BUT there is a fine line between being outgoing and aggressive.

What is the worst pick-up line you ever?

To be honest, I haven’t really gotten any pick up lines that are all that “cringe worthy.” I have had random guys on the street straight out propose to me, but that can be pretty obnoxious!

Dinner can get sloppy, what is one food you will never eat in front of a guy?

Hmmm… Anything that requires slurping, like spaghetti, is on my mental list of things not to order when with a guy! It also can be kind of awkward eating salad. Oh, and let’s not forget corn on the cob!

It seems like guys and girls are always looking to pick up the opposite sex in the wrong places, where should a guy go to pick a girl like you?

I think the answer to this questions really comes down to good judgement. I don’t think there is a “wrong” place or a “right” place to pick up a girl, the guy just needs to use his best judgement on when and where is appropriate and make sure that he is not too pushy.

Worst style of dress a guy can have?

Square toed dress shoes, ill-fitted suits, anything Ed hardy, sagging pants (a little is okay but once it gets below the butt, forget about it), sandals and socks

What’s the next step for you? Where can we expect to see you next?

Honestly, I have no idea what my next step is! Maybe some traveling? Modeling is such an unpredictable and ever-changing world so you never know what I’ll be up to next!

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