How a Hot Girl Thinks: Natasha Oakley

How a Hot Girl Thinks: Natasha Oakley
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Natasha Oakley is Instagram royalty with a following that has amassed more that 180,000 loyal followers. Her distinguished features and a love for bikini’s has lead to more bikini photo shoots than one can imagine. Natasha comes to us all the way from Australia and has spent a majority of her life traveling the world. Read below to get some insight into this stunning model and entrepreneur.

I was born in Sydney, Australia. My mother, Lynette, was Miss Universe and my father, Guy, an Australian Surf Champion. I have two beautiful sisters Samantha, 25 and Sophia, 10. I have travelled since a young age including living in Miami, Florida for 3 years when I was 10.

I completed High School in Sydney and pursued my passion for photography and videography through working with Datreats Productions Sydney for 2 years. I then moved to Hawaii on my own and expanded Datreats Productions internationally.

I lived in Maui for 2 and half years before relocating to L.A where I continued to develop my company Datreats Productions USA and also created my latest project A Bikini A Day!

Place of Origin: Sydney, Australia
Age: 22
Height: 5’8
Measurements: 34-25-37
Instagram or Twitter:
 @tashoakley @abikiniaday

Please explain to our readers What is “Bikini A Day”?

A BIKINI A DAY is a blog/website that my best friend, Devin Brugman, and I created in August this year. Everyday we upload a photo of either of us in a new bikini! We have aimed to create a page that every girl can go to, to see the cutest and latest bikinis from all around the world! After all who doesn’t love bikinis! ?

How did the idea come about?

Devin and I are both beach babies, I grew up on the beach in Australia and Devin on the beaches of Maui. During the summer of 2012 we were constantly in our bikinis wether we were in LA, Cabo, Hawaii or Australia everyday we we’re uploading a photo in a bikini to facebook or instagram! We wanted to make more of our obsession and share it with the world and so A BIKINI A DAY was created! Our newest addition to the A Bikini A Day project is our “2013 A Bikini A Day Calendar” which is available on our website now so bikini lovers can have bikinis all year round!

What is the best city you’ve been to?

I love Dubai, Hong Kong, Bali and Fiji but my favorite cities will always be the cities I call home,  Sydney, Byron Bay, Maui and LA.

How important is style when it comes to representing who you are? Why?

Style is important to me because I feel as though the way you dress is a reflection of your personality. My mother always taught me that being well presented is very important. You can tell a lot about someone by what they’re wearing.

What’s the biggest grooming mistake a guy can make?

Putting way to much gel in his hair, or thinking its ok to grow they’re beards when they have sporadic facial hair rather than a even, full beard.

Is there a certain trend or style that you really dislike and why?

YES! The current trend of every shirt being cut midriff! Looks great on some people but just isn’t for me!

What is the biggest turn on in a guy?… turn off?

Biggest turn on is a guy who is ambitious and really good at what he does! Biggest turn off is when a guy doesn’t have a sense of humor, bboorriinnngg!!!

Who should pay on the first date?

I believe the man should pay on the first date, after all I am assuming he has asked me on the date so it would only be fair, right?

Favorite dish?

Filet mignon!

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Sexy, Beachy, Chic.

What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is traveling !Wether it be home to Australia, Hawaii which I also call home or other various usually tropical locations, I constantly feel the need to be traveling!

If you could work with someone, (celebrity) who would it be?

I would love to work with Beyonce! She is such an amazing woman and has achieved so much! What an inspiration! Not to mention her stunning looks and curvaceous figure!

Who are your role models?

Apart from Beyonce who I clearly love! My father is my biggest my biggest role model! He was a former Australian surf champion and is now a private detective but the thing he is best at is being a Dad! If I am ever in doubt I think, “what would Dad do?” and it has never failed me! I couldn’t ask for a better role model in my life, thanks dad!

What is a obstacle that you have faced in the past and what did you do to get around this obstacle?

I have faced many obstacles in my life but the obstacle itself is not what is important, everything I do is something I am passionate about, it becomes my obsession and my reason for living! I feel like everything happens for a reason so I embrace my obstacles and move on! I live by this and everything I have wished for has come true!

Eddie Cuffin | Elite.

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Eddie Cuffin likes to stir up controversy. He is the persona of a man who gets the people talking, with his cynical and satirical take on New York City and American culture.

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