The Best Of Hot Girls Test Driving Supercars

The Best Of Hot Girls Test Driving Supercars
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It is embedded into every man’s DNA to have a certain affinity and love towards women and cars. So when these two awesome forces come together, it creates something truly magical.

It is also another proven fact that women love fast cars, so when they take rides in these bad boys and record themselves, we all win! This is the best of hot girls test driving supercars.

Chris Quinn | Elite.

  • 9. CTS-V Coupe

  • 8. Off Roading in Ford Raptor

  • 7. 1300hp GTR

  • 6. 900hp Evo IX

  • 5. 1300hp GTR

  • 4. Lamborghini Gallardo

  • 3. Toyota Supra [NSFW]

    Toyota Supra Girl

  • 2. Lamborghini Gallardo

  • 1. BONUS: Extreme Coasters

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