The Hottest Instagram Girls Of The Week

The Hottest Instagram Girls Of The Week
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Let’s just come right out and say it, women love taking pictures of themselves. Instagram, the popular photo-sharing feed, has taken this obsession to a whole different level.

Whether it’s a mirror picture, a snapshot of themselves before going to the gym, or just a typical Friday night out, women can’t get enough of sharing these photos with the world. Here are the week’s sexiest Instagramer’s that will help you get through the next week…


Jacob Berman | Elite.


  • 10. Chelsea Ciara

    Instagram & Twitter:  @Chelsea_Ciara   Followers: 33,367          

  • 9. Valeria Orsini

    Instagram & Twitter:  @Valeria_Orsini   Followers: 113,684  

  • 8. Jes Vargas

    Instagram:  @JesVarg   Followers: 6,402   Twitter: @Jevargas

  • 7. Dannir Johnson

    Instagram: @DannirJohnson   Followers: 9,124  

  • 6. Alysson Holt

    Instagram: @AlyssonHolt   Followers: 11,644  

  • 5. Ellie Gonsalves

    Instagram & Twitter: @EllieGonsalves   Followers: 72,488  

  • 4. Jessa Hinton

    Instagram: @JessaHinton   Followers: 46,136  

  • 3. Kim Martin

    Instagram & Twitter: @ItsKimMartin   Followers: 4,300  

  • 2. Daphne Joy

    Instagram & Twitter: @DaphneJoy   Followers: 44,017  

  • 1. Jessica Harbour

    Instagram: @jessharbour   Followers: 4,802  

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