Elite Interviews: Lingerie Football League Player Kate Osman

Elite Interviews: Lingerie Football League Player Kate Osman
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Kate Osman is a down to earth girl born and raised in Philadelphia. She is a fan-favorite and an integral part of the Philadelphia Passion in the Lingerie Football League. Kate is a tough girl who is not afraid to spice things up.

Not only is Kate a football player, but she also models…sounds like every man’s dream. She took her team all the way to the Lingerie Super Bowl playing the positions of CB and RB. In our exclusive interview with Kate, we gain insight to Kate’s inspiration as well as motivations for doing what she does.

Place of Origin: Pittstown, NJ
Age: 27
Height: 5’2”
Measurements: 34D – 26 — 36
Instagram: @kateosman / Twitter: @Kate_OsmanLFL

What made you initially consider playing for the LFL?

I have always LOVED the game of football – I loved the team work, the passion and the drive that went behind the sport. One of my friends played in the LFL the year before me, I watched the games and followed the team throughout the year — I just KNEW this was something I had to be a part of! Athleticism, beauty, strength.

Are you natural athlete? When did you first realize you had a passion for football?

Yes, I would consider myself a natural athlete! From the moment I learned about competition (around age four) I was HOOKED – I always wanted to be better than the person next to me – it didn’t matter if it was a boy or girl! Growing up I played in a baseball league with all boys, no one ever told me I wasn’t supposed to be as good as them, so I played to be the best! Boys never took it easy on me when it came to sports, so I competed to BEAT them at everything. Pickup basketball – football – TAG….you name it, I had to WIN!

The LFL always stirs up a little bit of controversy. How supportive were your family and friends when you first decided to join the league?

I have an AMAZING support system….My family and friends have always been there and supported me through everything I have done – from being an NFL cheerleader to LFL player – although my mother shields her eyes a little more now that I am PLAYING football rather than cheering from the sidelines!

Women are typically turned away from hard-hitting physical sports like football. What kept you on track to follow your dreams?

I love competition, I love being athletic and playing a sport I am passionate about. The hard-hitting is just a piece of it. I didn’t go into this sport wanting to “clean someone’s clock” – I just didn’t have that aggression….after playing a few months I learned a good clean hit feels REALLY fantastic! It lets out a little aggression!

Who are the women that inspire you?

I am inspired by the women in this league – they put their heart and soul out on that field day in and out. These women are mothers, lawyers, students and business owners – they are strong, independent, beautiful, athletic women — a role model to any female!

Elite Interviews: Lingerie Football League Player Kate Osman

What were you doing prior to joining the LFL?

I am one of those people that LOVES to try everything! Life is short! I was a Division 1 College Softball player, NFL Cheerleader and an NPC Bikini competitor. I am currently the brand manager for an online travel company, a sponsored athlete for Optimum Nutrition and an LFL player — my life is a little CRAZY and I love it!

How do you feel about the rebranding of the Lingerie Football League to the Legends Football League? What do you see this move doing long term?

I love the re-branding of the League! I think without the word “Lingerie” people won’t immediately come up with preconceived notions about what this league is all about. I think we will grab a whole new audience in addition to the loyal fans we already have! It’s an exciting change and I can’t WAIT for the season to start! WE ARE LEGENDS!

The LFL empowers women across the world while still allowing for women to be feminine. Is this a trend you’d like to see continue to further promote equal genders for all sports?

Absolutely! That is one reason that drew me into this league! I love that women are showcasing the fact that you can be athletic, aggressive and strong as well as beautiful and feminine!

What other sports aside from basketball and football would you like to see an all women’s league launched in?

The first sport that came to mind would be Auto Racing — BUT I actually LOVE the fact that women compete right alongside of men in that sport! SO…..I would say ice hockey…I think every other sport has an equivalent.

Do you foresee youth football leagues for girls in the near future?

Yes! I think at a young age girls want to get more athletic with different sports – girls are seeing that there are no gender barriers anymore!

Do you have a pre-game ritual?

I have Optimum Nutrition Pre-, I listen to my music and start to envision the game happening! ….after getting focused, and right before we run out on the field, I like to get hyped up with my team (Ray Lewis style!)

What is your pre-game meal?

I like to do a high carbohydrate/ protein meal. Nothing too heavy or too close to game time because I want to be light on my feet and energetic!

What are some habits you credit towards keeping your body in shape?

Diet, Diet, Diet and exercise! You have to make sure that what you are putting in your body is serving a purpose – energy and nutrition! You need to FUEL the tank with premium! *Uphill Sprint intervals are my secret weapon to stay in shape and get faster!

What is your overall goal for your modeling career?

When I first started modeling – I kind of just stumbled upon it. I wanted to work with an amazing photographer to take some pictures so I could always remember what I looked like as I got older….I was impressed with the shots and so was the photographer so she started submitting them to various outlets.

From there it became a really fun hobby for me! My current goal is to be featured in “Maxim” in a sports themed spread – I love the idea of showing off the sporty, fit and sexy side of myself. I think men are starting to dig women with some muscles!

Elite Interviews: Lingerie Football League Player Kate Osman

To those who find modeling vain, what would say to them to convince them modeling is worth it?

I started modeling for myself – for no one or no other reason. I was proud of the body I worked so hard for that I wanted to have a little fun and play dress up with clothes, hair and makeup! I think anyone that works towards a fitness goal, no matter how big or small, should be able to reward themselves with something they are passionate about!

For those who model for a living, as long as you stay grounded, there is no vain in it — it’s the models that become…..well, vain, that gives the industry a bad name! Everyone should try it – it feels good to play a little “dress up.”

If you could work with anyone of your choosing who would it be?

For Modeling; I would love to work with Maxim – I love their features – edgy, sexy and tasteful! They do some great sports features! :) Professionally, I would love to work with ESPN — that has always been my dream!

What is the best city you have done a shoot in?

The best city I visited for a shoot was Salt Lake City in December – absolutely stunning!! :) One of my favorite locations I shot in was in Miami on a secluded beach!

What is a hobby that you pursue on your spare time?

I LOVE to travel – I want to see the world; travel is the only thing you can buy that can make you wealthier!

Favorite Dish?

I LOVE a really good cut of steak – with some steamed vegetables!! Mmmm….and I am a sucker for dessert!

How important is your style with representing who you are?

I think style and confidence go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing – if you carry yourself with confidence, you will look like a million dollars! I love going out all day in some gym clothes and a hat — come home, switch it up and zip up a sexy cocktail dress for the night!

What is the biggest turn-on in a guy? Turn-off?

Biggest turn-on(s) is a gentleman, confidence, driven, thoughtful, spontaneous, funny and athletic! Turn-off(s): bad hygiene, smoker, cocky.

What approach should a guy use that grabs your attention right off the bat?

I love to be surprised – so if you approach me in a way that is unique, confident and fun (not creepy) you will have my attention! :)

Your secret vice in the bedroom?

I like to spice it up!

Eddie Cuffin | Elite.

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