How A Hot Girl Thinks: Avery Schlereth

How A Hot Girl Thinks: Avery Schlereth

Avery Schlereth is a 19 year old model who was born in Reston, Virginia, and raised in Colorado from ages 4 to 18. As of now she resides in Los Angeles, CA. Avery stands at a height of 5’8 and has green eyes and brown hair. 

Modeling since the age of 8, Avery was successful at her young age in Colorado for several years. After making friends in middle school, she decided she no longer wanted to model. But in high school, Avery Schlereth reconsidered modeling and decided that she wanted to pursue a career in it instead of attending college.

Last week, we were lucky enough to interview Avery’s sister, Alexandria. So it was natural that Elite Daily loved the chance to sit down with Avery Schlereth and ask her a about her experiences and future plans.

You grew up in a home that was different from most others. What is it like to have a professional athlete for a father?

Growing up with a professional athlete as a dad didn’t feel any different than other people’s dads. I never knew any different. It was just a job he would leave for work when I would go to school and be home for dinner. What I thought was normal was having a dad come home injured wrapped up in ice bags.

The thing I did notice was that other kids wouldn’t get asked, “Hey can you get me bronco tickets?” That was what I noticed to be different growing up compared to other people.

I also didn’t like school, what kid does? So I would fake sick on his days off and go to the facility with him and hang out on medicine balls all day and get my ankles taped cause I thought it looked cool and athletic.

What was your favorite experience when growing up immersed in your dad’s career? 

My favorite experience growing up immersed in my dads career was being able to go on the field after the games. All the players kids would run back and forth and play on the field while the dads got showered and ready to go home. It was the best!

As a young girl, what were your career aspirations?

When I was younger my career aspirations were to be a dancer. I have danced since I was 6. But then as I got older I realized that I love to take pictures and being in pictures, and playing with different looks in front of a camera. So modeling is what I got into at an early age. I began as the face of an international company called “my twin dolls,” and haven’t wanted to do anything else since.

Have you struggled with your father’s career? He is known to have had 29 surgeries, was the experience ever taxing?

Not for me, no. I loved taking care of him when he was injured. When he was in bed and not able to walk, I’d bring him ice bags and soup, and lay down and watch movies all day with him. I loved it ’cause I used to be such a home body and I’m a total daddy’s girl, so I was probably excited for his next surgery.

What do your parents want for your career? Do they have any influence?

My parents have always been super supportive in all of our dreams. They were the ones who told me “pursue your dreams, if you want to take a shot at modeling do it, school will always be there.” So they had a huge influence on what I’m trying accomplish now. They want great success for all of their kids, though with honest hard work.

What is it like trying to develop your own career, to make a name for yourself?

Developing your own career is tough. At times I get impatient, but I have been told by so many different people that it takes time and that’s just the business. Auditions can get super slow so you just have to wait it out. When you do get one you go in there and show them whose boss!

Your sister has acquired a bit of fame recently for her presence in sports, what are you doing with your career?

I am doing the best I can to launch my career. You have to get that one big break, then hopefully people will start coming to you to do shoots for them! If I could have an audition everyday I would. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Any ways to one up her? What makes you the better pick for the Schlereth family draft?

I’m funny. I am very humorous. I guess it makes me more approachable. My sister and dad tell me to ditch modeling and audition for SNL.

We all know you are a beautiful, so what was the worst pickup line you have ever heard? The best?

One time I was out and a guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to “go back to his place and make cookies?” I said “what kind?” Just kidding. I said no. The best pickup line I’ve ever gotten was, “I’ve been looking at you all night, and I thought I’d introduce myself.” That’s nice and not too forward.

Your dad’s career is based is based on intimidation, have there ever been men afraid to meet your Dad?

Yes. Most everyone is. I had a lot of guy friends growing up and It took them awhile to get over their fear of big, bad Mark.

What would it take to bring a guy home to meet your parents?

It would take a gentlemen who was respectful and intelligent. And someone who could handle my family’s humor and jokes because I think sometimes people think they are offensive.

We all just discovered “Mark’s Stinkin’ Good Green Chile”, how good is it?

It’s Stinkin’ good!


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