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A familiar face in the modeling world, Chanel Ryan has taken her career to the next level and made the transition to acting full time.  She has co-starring roles in no less than six indie films in the next twelve months and film-goers will find it next to impossible not to notice her breathtaking smile.

Place of Origin: Los Angeles, CA

Age: N/A

Height: 5’5

Measurements: 34-24-35

Twitter: @ChanelRyan

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Chanel’s upcoming roles include Jonas Akerlund’s “Small Apartments” with James Caan and Billy Crystal, “Dorothy & The Witches of Oz,” starring Sean Astin, Christopher Lloyd and Lance Henrickson, “Skum Rocks” with Alice Cooper, and “Bad Kids Go to Hell” with Judd Nelson and Ben Browder based on the best selling comic book of the same name.

Discovered while sunbathing in Laguna Beach, CA, Chanel was only too happy to be paid for hanging out at her favorite place not to mention the free bikinis!  Modeling came easy to Chanel and soon she was working in exotic locations all over the world.  You have seen the golden haired beauty in campaigns for Anheuser Busch, Burke Williams Spas, Harley Davidson swimwear, Harrah’s Casinos, Miller Beer and fashion shows for Fredericks of Hollywood.  Named one of the sexiest women on the planet by magazines from four continents, her face and body have graced magazines across the globe including Maxim, FHM and Playboy.

Chanel has appeared in over 30 national commercials including Pepsi, Saturn, Volkswagen, Del Taco, Wet & Wild Cosmetics, Audi, Coca-Cola and Visa.  Acting jobs naturally followed.  Some of her earlier roles were in the zany Universal film, “BASEketball,” and in the TV movie, “Wallace,” starring Gary Sinese and Mare Winningham, directed by the great John Frankenheimer.

An avid animal lover, Chanel shares her home with two rescues, a cat named Ruby Tuesday and a border collie named Lucky.  In her spare time she devotes herself to animal charities including Best Friends and the Stray Cat Alliance.

When a guy asks you “Where are you from”: what is one interesting thing about your hometown or family we wouldn’t know?

I raise tortoises.  At one time I had six.  A Sulcata tortoise named Fraggle Rock.  A Leopard tortoise named Rizzo and Four adult Egytpian dwarf tortoises named Eenie, Meenie, Minie & Moe who were constantly mating.  I hatched close to 50 egyptian hatchlings.  Helping to bring the endangered Egyptian tortoise population back from extinction!  Know you know I am a big nerd!

What are you doing right now to further your career? 

Aside from going to acting class whenever I am in town.  I am the lead actress on a film called “John” that shoots in Louisiana later this month.  Also producing & starring in a feature film called “Crimson Saints” the end of the year in Texas.  My images appear regularly on magazine covers and layouts across the globe. etc etc etc…

Is modeling your number one priority? What is your true passion? 

Definitely not.  Modeling has been good to me & I’ve been fortunate to work all over the world.  My focus is my acting career.  I have a few indie films coming out later this year including “Bad Kids Go To Hell” with Judd Nelson which premieres at San Diego Comicon on July 13th and will be in theaters the end of the year.

To those who find modelling vain, what would say to them to convince them modelling is worth it?

I think the biggest misconception about modeling is that it’s one big party.  The reality is it’s hard work, a grueling schedule, long hours, constant traveling. It’s a job just like any other.  The end result just happens to be more glamourous.  That being said as far as a job goes the perks are pretty great.  I’ve been lucky to work with some amazingly talented and interested people, and have made some good friends all over the world along the way. Getting paid to travel to exotic & remote locations is another bonus. Free clothing, swimwear, shoes, cosmetics & other goodies are always nice.  Invites to fabulous parties can be fun too!

If you had to pick the date, where would you go?

Hmmm.  Either a beautiful restaurant on the beach where we could sit on the patio watching the waves and listening to the ocean.  Or, I LOVE dancing on roof top patios or out door balconies with a view of the city and nice breezes and scented flowers.

What approach should a guy use that grabs your attention right off the bat?

I love a guy with a sense of humor who makes me laugh!

What is the worst pick-up line you ever?

“Hey don’t I know you”.  I get that one alot.  If you want to meet someone how about just being genuine and introducing yourself… Just saying!

How many drinks before he gets lucky?

Sorry, but I am not a big drinker.  You are either going to get lucky or you are not.  The drinks have nothing to do with it!

Dinner can get sloppy, what is one food you will never eat in front of a guy?

Hmmm.  Spaghetti can get messy and so can corn on the cob.  That being said I love to eat so I will find a way!

It seems like guys and girls are always looking to pick up the opposite sex in the wrong places, where should a guy go to pick a girl like you?

I am kind of a homebody.  I rarely go to bars or clubs.  I love smart, funny guys so probably a convention like Comicon, Chiller theater etc.

Worst date you’ve ever been on? 

I must have been so traumatized I blocked it out because I can’t remember!

Best place to have sex?

I think the best place to have sex is dependent upon the person you are with.  If its the right person any place is a good one!  I did have sex on a boat in the middle of the gulf of Mexico on the way to “The Dry Tortugas.” It was pretty cool surrounded by nothing but green water and beautiful aqua sky as far as you could see!

Worst style of dress a guy can have?

I am not of fan of label whores or trendoids!  I love a man who dresses with confidence.  Could be a nice pair of jeans and a tshirt or a suit.  Depends on the occasion.

Your secret vice in the bedroom?

It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you!

What’s the next step for you? Where can we expect to see you next?

I have a few films coming out later this year including “Bad Kids Go To Hell” which is a horror comedy based on the best selling comic book of the same name, “Small Apartments” from director Jonas Akerlund which has an all star cast including James Caan & Billy Crystal and rockumentary spoof called “Skum Rocks” which is narrated by Alice Cooper & has cameos from Vince Neil & Paul Stanley along with other well know musicians.

IMDB is the best place for current updates on my acting career: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0752457/


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