How A Hot Girl Thinks: Melissa Riso

How A Hot Girl Thinks: Melissa Riso
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Melissa Riso has an exotic ethnic background comprised of Guamanian and Italian. As a Northern California native, Melissa was raised by just her father and older sister in Salinas, California. Her mother left her family to moved back to Guam when she was only in the forth grade.

It was living in such a small town that motivated Melissa to pursue her dream of modeling and acting. Thus, her move to Southern California seems natural. As a trained and established hair stylist, Melissa has also done several print and commercial ads, as well as TV shows – including the Playboy TV Show Bad Ass.

Her success in modeling lead her to get eight magazine covers in the last three years alone! Outside the busy world of modeling and styling, Melissa enjoys finding new restaurants, good wine, traveling, working out and just being social.

Everyone always asks her what that huge tattoo on her tummy is all about. Well, when she was a freshman in high school she almost died in a very serious car accident on the highway. She sustained internal bleeding in her stomach, and even broke her back.

To address her injuries, doctor’s had to cut her open to stop the bleeding inside. She had an unsightly six-inch scar from the surgery – she has tried everything, including plastic surgery, to fix it. But the scar much too thick, and was not healing in a flattering manor. So Melissa designed her own tattoo to cover the ugly scar she was so insecure about throughout high school.

Most of all, do not let her beauty and small 5’1 frame fool you. Melissa recently completed a stint as a bouncer in one of Southern California’s hottest nightclubs! Yes, this feisty Pacific Islander is well trained in defensive tactics and knows how to use a pair of handcuffs.

What is one interesting thing about your hometown or family we wouldn’t know?
I’m  from a small town in Northern Cali’ called Monterey Bay. One interesting thing about my family is that my mom left me when I was in the fourth grade, my dad raised me and my sister alone. I think he did a great job. I love my dad!
What are you doing right now to further your career?
I recently moved to LA from San Diego. I am starting to take my acting career more seriously, so I am going to start taking classes and private lessons. I am also doing business with a high-end clothing company to have them sell shirts with my photo on it. I have a lot of projects coming up! I’m very excited and will never stop working hard until I’m at the top.
Is modelling your number one priority? What is your true passion?
Modeling has always came natural to me and is fun! My main priority now is acting and branding myself even more. I have been making a lot of connections here in LA, and my goal is to have my own reality show since my life is very crazy and interesting. [Laughs]
To those who find modelling vain, what would say to them to convince them modelling is worth it?
I would say: if god has blessed you with beauty and a great personality, then show it off! You’re not young forever to have fun with your looks. And if modeling and acting can pay your bills, and have you live a fun, comfortable life-style, then why not? There is nothing vain about it unless you choose to be vain about it lol.
If you had to pick the date, where would you go?
I would go to a comedy club and a great steak place to eat!
What approach should a guy use that grabs your attention right off the bat?
I think a guy should use the approach of just being himself. He should have his real personality show right off the bat because we will see it sooner or later. So If a guy is being himself, that is HOT!
What is the worst pick-up line you have ever heard?
I had a guy just walk up to me and ask me for my number without even introducing himself. [Laughs] He didn’t even want to know my name, just my number. Lame…
How many drinks before he gets lucky?
I have a high tolerance, boys! So 13 shots, then I might give you a kiss!
Dinner can get sloppy, what is one food you will never eat in front of a guy?
I will never eat ribs in front of a man unless he eats them with me and we get messy together. But I love ribs! My dad makes the best!
It seems like guys and girls are always looking to pick up the opposite sex in the wrong places, where should a guy go to pick a girl like you?
I think in a grocery store! [Laughs] It’s cute! I can also see what’s in his cart to see if he eats healthy or not. [Laughs]
Worst date you’ve ever been on?
My worst date is when I went out with this really hot guy, but he was all looks and no personality, Nothing to talk about. Then to top it off, I see my cheating exboyfriend of two years at the same place with one of my girlfriends! That was the worst date ever!
Best place to have sex?
I think the best place to have sex is in on a balcony with a great ocean view! Yes, I have done that before!
Worst style of dress that a guy can have?
I hate tight straight leg jeans on a man! I want to slap them when I see that! It’s so ugly!
Your secret vice in the bedroom?
I would say the more you please the girl, the more she is going to please you and get wild!
Whats the next step for you? Where can we expect to see next?
You will see me on the TV Show Millionaire Match Maker, I’m doing that just for fun. I will also be at Comic Con as one of the Namco Tekken girls. You will also see me at AutoCon on July 21st. And I might start being a Host for a new Vodka company as their “it” girl!
Check  out my site  and follow me on Twitter under @RealMelissaRiso.
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