The Sexiest Female Athletes Alive

The Sexiest Female Athletes Alive

There is nothing better than a woman who like to stay fit and keep it tight. And when they can cash in on their athletic ability, it makes it only that much sexier.

This year alone we have seen many new, young fresh faces in the sports spectrum who have truly impressed us as competitors. These are the sexiest female athletes alive.

12. Amber & Angela Cope, NASCAR

11. Miesha Tate, MMA

10. Sage Erickson, Surfing

9. Jacqueline Carvalho, Volleyball

8. Antonija Misura, Basketball

7. Meghan Hardin, Golf

6. Neslihan Darnel, Volleyball

5. Marta Menegatti, Beach Volleyball

4. Leryn Franco, Track & Field

3. Maggie Vessey, Track & Field

2. Jenna Randall, Synchronized Swimming

1. Alex Morgan, Soccer

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