Men Are Now Posting Their Own Makeup Transformations, And The Results Are Genius (Photos)

Men Are Now Posting Their Own Makeup Transformations, And The Results Are Genius (Photos)
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You know those makeup transformation photos that girls post all over Instagram? Why do you think they exist?

The answer is simple: They exist for guys to make fun of, and that’s exactly what’s happening. It seems that guys (and a few hilarious girls) are fed up with the makeup transformation collages that litter Instagram feeds.

Instead of writing a long-form, in-depth article about the situation at hand, guys are attempting to prove how dumb these photos really look.

You can participate, too, by first showing yourself without any makeup on — then show us how fake you can make yourself look.

The end result? Pure hilarity.

Check out the photos below for a closer look at these guys’ makeup transformation collages on Instagram.

Instagram’s latest trend requires guys to create their own makeup transformation photos.

Why? I don’t know.

The attempt is to be funny.

Well, I guess it actually is a bit comical.

Mostly because they’re mimicking girls who take makeup transformation photos and look completely different.

As you can see here, this kid thinks he’s Beyoncé.

Add a little makeup and you’ll look like Rozay!


Ladies, this is what the “mugshot criminal” looks like with and without “makeup” on.

It seems people are really clinging to this trend.

Who knew you could just walk into Sephora and walk out looking like Will Smith?!

Some guys aren’t even using makeup, they’re just transforming.

Others are showcasing their Photoshop skills.

Girls aren’t even taking these makeup transformation posts seriously anymore. Check this one out:

Does marijuana count as “makeup?”

Seems legit.

H/T: BuzzFeed

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