This Guy’s Wife Left Him, So He Did The Most Outrageous Things Ever With Her Wedding Dress (Photos)

Robert Anthony

Nothing lasts forever — especially love. Need proof? This guy’s wife of 12 years left him and when she moved out of their Tucson home, the only thing she left behind was her wedding dress. The man asked his wife what he should do with the dress and she literally replied, “whatever the f*ck you want”.

He took matters into his own hands and did just that. He made a website dedicated to doing the craziest things imaginable with his ex-wife’s wedding dress. Need ideas on what to do with your own wife’s wedding dress if she leaves you? Look no further. Check them out below!

Go Hunting

Dress It Up As Darth Vader

Practice Sumo Wrestling

Create A Replica of the Black Pearl From Pirates of the Caribbean

Become A Superhero

Create Fine Art

Use It As A Bib And Eat Greasy Foods

Cover Your Smart Car With It

Wash Your Honda Element With It

Use It As A Shower Curtain

Jump Rope With It

Use It As A Parachute

Use It As A Canopy

Play Slip N’ Slide With It

Go Camping With It

Use It To Pull A Hyundai

Use It As A Totally Safe Baby Carrier

Do Yoga With It

Dress Up As A Drunk Skeleton About It

Use It As A Trusty Hammock

H/T: Viral Nova, Photos courtesy of My Ex Wife’s Wedding Dress

Robert Anthony


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