High-Tech Luxe Bedroom In Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

High-Tech Luxe Bedroom In Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
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Lexani Motorcars surprised us with this really sick Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. Even a stock Sprinter is sick, so imagine giving it to Lexani and having them ‘pimp’ it out with the most luxurious features anyone could ever desire.

High-Tech Luxe Bedroom In Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

With their previous creations, Lexani has put diamonds and rubies in the wheels of a car and armoring a Toyota, providing the ultimate security. Their latest customization to pull out of their lot is this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter L5-B van. This thing boasts a  well-fitted bedroom with all of the high-tech amenities you need.

High-Tech Luxe Bedroom In Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

From ambient lighting, a bar station, executive leather seats and gold-plated accents to an orthopedic mattress, this Sprinter is really all you need. You might even be able to bring a girl back “home” to this thing without her thinking you’ve went full retard.

High-Tech Luxe Bedroom In Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Other amenities include a 46” Samsung LED TV, iPad docking station, Bose home theater system, refrigerator and 1000-watt Alpine audio system.

High-Tech Luxe Bedroom In Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Tom Cooper | Elite.

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