20 Hot Guys Cooking Who You Wish Were Making Your Dinner Tonight (Photos)

When it comes to the latest social media trends, it’s not hard to see the Internet loves hot guys.

Whether they’re reading, drinking coffee, posing with puppies or simply eating a salad, hot men doing normal things are somehow even hotter.

But if you’ve been searching for a new group of stud muffins to satisfy your eye candy cravings, look no further.

If there’s one thing I appreciate just as much as a good looking guy, it’s a man who knows his way around the kitchen.

So, I set out to find bunch of sexy men who aren’t afraid to stand over a stove (preferably shirtless) and whip up a meal that looks just as delicious as they do.

However, I should probably warn you: You might want to get out of the kitchen if you can’t take the heat because things are about to get seriously steamy up in here.

Take a look at the pictures below to see hot guys cooking.

Feast your eyes on hot dudes cooking.

These hungry hunks know their way around the kitchen.

And they’re not afraid to put on aprons and turn up the heat…

…for the sake of a home-cooked meal.

These guys bring a lot more to the table than food.

What are you grilling? Beefcakes?

Resting Kanye face can’t stop him from getting his hands on some seriously impressive buns.

How would you like your eggs? Scrambled with a side of sexy?

You… I mean, that pizza looks delicious.

Are you a baker? Because you have some nice buns.

I’ll be your sous chef any day.

This dude is seriously sizzling.

There’s nothing hotter than a guy who really knows how to toss a salad.

This cute chef makes vegetables look good.

There’s just something undeniably sexy about a man with a spatula.

I’d choose you over Seamless any day of the week.

He’s just whipping up a fresh batch of stud muffins.

The stove isn’t the only hot thing in this kitchen.

The main ingredient in that recipe must be eye candy.

Those are some tasty looking ribs.

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Kaylin Pound