Korean Artist Turns Her Studio Into The Most Surreal Landscapes Without The Use Of Photoshop (Photos)

Korean Artist Turns Her Studio Into The Most Surreal Landscapes Without The Use Of Photoshop (Photos)
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We’ve seen our fair share of original art, but this just takes the cake. A young Korean artist by the name of Jee Young Lee recently put together a sick collection of photos where she transforms her small studio into fantasy landscapes without using Photoshop.

It’s pretty impressive to say the least. We’ve never seen anything like this and chances are, you haven’t either! Lee’s exhibition is called “Stage of Mind” and is located in her small Seoul studio. Check out the collection below and prepare to be enchanted.

Treasure Hunt






My Chemical Romance


Last Supper






Panic Room


The Little Match Girl


Broken Heart


I’ll Be Back


Food Chain


Maiden Voyage






Black Birds


H/T: Bored Panda, Photos Courtesy of Jee Young Lee

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