La Samanna Resort, St. Martin

La Samanna Resort, St. Martin
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On an absolutely perfect backdrop, the magic of La Samannais revealed. With 83 guestrooms and 8 villas, the resort can be found on the beautiful shores of St. Martin, in the Caribbean Sea.

La Samanna Resort, St. Martin

The island is a place of natural beauty and tranquility, with perfect blue skies, fine sandy beaches, and lush tropical vegetation.

La Samanna Resort, St. Martin

The rooms welcome their guests with a unique ambiance given by an imaginative mix of modern, colonial and country elements. Comfort, relaxation and luxury are all part of the offer.

La Samanna Resort, St. Martin

The outdoors entices visitors with plenty of different activities, both for idlers and for the more active types. If what you need is a moment of relaxation, then you should get yourself a delicious cocktail and just float about in the large infinity pool. Sunbathing is another excellent option.

La Samanna Resort, St. Martin

If, however, you are in a sportier mood, then you need to get your kayaking, snorkeling, diving, or fishing gear, and head towards the vast ocean.

La Samanna Resort, St. Martin

When you return to the island, a visit to the La Réservé restaurant is definitely a must. And finally, you can top the experience off with a rum tasting session at Le Cave. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

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