Maidelle Superyacht

Maidelle Superyacht
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Maidelle is the newest superyacht of Icon Yachts, the famous Dutch shipyard. Its owner received it on December 20, 2012, when the vessel faced very bad weather conditions, thus proving its sturdiness and reliability.

According to Jen Wartena, the director of the shipyard, Maidelle was built last in a series of three vessels, which gave it the advantage of experience learned from the older siblings.

Maidelle Yacht

The design was conceived by Redman Whiteley & Dixon, who went for a unique combination of contemporary and classic styles. For the plush interiors, the entire design process was supervised by Cristiano Gatto Design, who chose to use a warm color scheme, natural textures, lots of wood, and only the best materials.

Maidelle Yacht

Onboard amenities include a grand central lobby, a main saloon with several distinct zones (two lounge spaces and a dining are for 12), beach club, watersports room, gym, and a lot of exterior space for sunbathing, lounging and socializing.

Maidelle Superyacht

In terms of accommodation, Maidelle features 4 luxe rooms on the lower deck (two twins and two doubles), a VIP cabin on the upper deck, and a lavish master quarters on the main deck. The latter flaunts a private lobby, beautiful stateroom, lounge areas, and an en-suite (full beam) with huge tub and separate shower area.

Maidelle Superyacht

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