Meek Mill Causes Another Club Shut Down

Preston Waters

With the shutdown of WiP just two weeks after the bottle-brawl, Meek Mill is at it again. Sources state that Meek mill was denied entry into TenJune last night and apparently was upset. Being denied access to clubs in New York is quite normal, especially when you start business ending brawls at 4 a.m.

After being denied, Meek Mill started to take the situation into his own hands in a classy and well-thought out manor – he reported there was a shooting to authorities. TenJune was raided and subsequently shut down for the night.

As the New York State Liquor Association announced this week, WiP lost their liquor license for good after the fight that Chris Brown’s entourage started with Drake’s entourage, which included Meek Mill. So clearly every club in the city will be wary to let these red-flag rappers gain entry into their venue’s. So why would Meek Mill call in a report of gun fire, only to shut down the club?

Because he is an ass, that’s why. Clearly he did not learn his lesson after ruining one club, so his actions last night only goes to justify what many people have said about his friends: they are reckless and a danger to club goers.


Photo Credit; Kevin Winter/Getty Images/Twitter

Preston Waters


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