MesaStila Spa Resort In Central Java, Indonesia

MesaStila Spa Resort In Central Java, Indonesia
MesaStila is at the same time a beautiful Javanese coffee plantation and an enchanting luxury spa retreat. It is located in Central Java, Indonesia, surrounded by 22 hectares of lush gardens, and offering wonderful tropical sights. This is a place of serenity, beauty, wellness, and of course coffee!

MesaStila Spa Resort In Central Java, Indonesia

The property is encircled by 8 volcanoes that give it a sense of seclusion and intimacy. Tropical jungle, vast gardens, and coffee shrubs make up the beautiful views, along with clear blue skies and breathtaking sunsets.

MesaStila Spa Resort In Central Java, Indonesia

Right in the middle of the plantation, the 22 guest villas await their visitors with various amenities and tasteful decorations.

MesaStila Spa Resort In Central Java, Indonesia

They are lavishly appointed to the highest standards, flaunting large living rooms, cozy bedrooms, and lovely outdoor verandas.

MesaStila Spa Resort In Central Java, Indonesia

Being perched on a hill, they offer excellent views, especially in the morning, when sitting on the veranda with a hot cup of coffee in your hand and a soft blanket over your knees is the best experience you could ever ask for.

MesaStila Spa Resort In Central Java, Indonesia

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