Miami Setai Penthouse

Miami Setai Penthouse
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There is no such thing as a cheap Penthouse in Miami! So why should anyone be surprised to learn that this luxurious dwelling – which used to accommodate celebrities like Madonna, Simon Cowell and Jim Carrey – is currently on the market with an asking price of $27 million?

Located near the fabled Miami Beach, on the 40th floor of The Setai, the apartment boasts some truly breathtaking views from all its rooms and the terrace.

Miami Setai Penthouse

It has a total space of 7,100 square feet, which includes 4 lavish bedrooms, 6 bathrooms with Duravit and Dorenbracht fixtures, a spacious deck, generous socializing and entertaining areas, and more.

Miami Setai Penthouse

Its last owner bought it back in 2010 with $15 million, but now its value plummeted to the aforementioned sum, thus establishing a new record for the area.

Miami Setai Penthouse

During the past years, various celebrities have rented it for the incredible sum of $30,000 per night. We can’t help but wonder who decided to finally purchase the place for such a huge fortune?

Miami Setai Penthouse

Tom Cooper | Elite.

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