Moran Yacht

Moran Yacht

Harmony is an amazing vessel by Moran Yacht that is great performance-wise and also offers all sorts of luxe amenities.

Moran Yacht

It boasts a cruising speed of 20 knots, a top speed of 23 knots, a length of 164 feet and a price tag of $33.75 million. If you think it is pricy now, you should probably learn that this price is actually reduced; the original price was of $36.75 million.

The sophisticated vessel’s six staterooms can host up to twelve people. The staterooms consist of a VIP suite on the bridge deck, two cabins with king beds, a master suite, a cabin with twin beds and a gym room that can be transformed into a guest room.

Moran Yacht

The crew members benefit from separate accommodations. The decks are linked by an elevator. The boat is set in motion by two engines with 16 cylinders that have an individual output of 3650 hp.

Moran Yacht

State-of-the art communication and navigation systems make this vessel perfect for a cruise during which you can focus less on sailing and more on relaxing and enjoying the yacht’s amazing amenities.

Tom Cooper | Elite.

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