Move Over Rich Kids Of Instagram, It’s All About The Rich Kids Of Snapchat Now (Photos)

Move Over Rich Kids Of Instagram, It’s All About The Rich Kids Of Snapchat Now (Photos)
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A while back, it was all about the self-proclaimed “rich kids of Instagram.”

Basically, anyone with a flashy picture of a helicopter or a Ferrari can hashtag the coined term along with a photo to signify they are rich and better than everyone else. It seems that this trend has yet to die out. As a matter of fact, it’s more alive than ever.

It seems these kids are now spending more of daddy’s hard-earned money, but instead of Instagramming, they’re Snapchatting the photos. And just like that, the “rich kids of Snapchat” photo trend is born.

They’re pretty much the same as the gaudy, in-your-face photos typically seen on Instagram.

There’s a big chance that you’ll hate these kids, but it’s hard to look away from their fuzzy photos of pyramid-stacked macarons, private jets and limited edition Rolex watches. Don’t worry, you’re not alone — the Internet is watching.

As a matter of fact, there’s an entire Facebook page dedicated to these Snapchat photos called Private School Snapchats. The moderator for the Snapchat and Facebook page told BuzzFeed:

Of course, there is a huge amount of anger about my Snapchat account. Understandably it upsets people that I am spending money on unnecessary things, and more importantly bragging about it.

The moderator then goes on to explain that he donates over 80 percent of his income to various, hand-picked charities. And to the “peasants,” he donates a plethora of unnecessary photos. Typical scumbag move.

Check out some of the photos from the “rich kids of Snapchat” below!

They have multiple iDevices because they can.

They believe that public transportation is for “peasants.”

If you’re so rich, then how were you even in the position to be on public transportation in the first place?


Forget paddles, they play ping-pong with iPhones. Classy.

When it’s raining, they use MacBook Pros to shield themselves.

Who needs paper? When you’re this rich you use iPads as sheets of paper.

When the rich kids of Snapchat aren’t using iPads as paper, they’re using them as placemats.

Some rich kids treat their iDevices with love by taking them for walks.

When they pass tests, they get doused in champagne and luxury timepieces.

They don’t use proper grammar because they don’t have to.

They ball out of control.

Birthday presents are never a surprise. They know exactly what they’re getting.

The mall? Nope, just at the Ferrari dealership.

You didn’t actually go to private school unless you were served macarons for dessert.

Wait, these kids seriously can’t spell.

Because everyone has a private jet.

If they’re ever annoyed, it’s probably because of their butler.

The rich kids of Snapchat would probably consider your precious town a zoo.

Apparently earning a scholarship is a gift… and a curse to get picked on by the rich kids.

After school swims!

This is a Louis Vuitton rugby ball.

They’ll do anything to prove they’ve “got it like that.” Even if it means flaunting $1,100 and an empty bottle of Dom.

Oh, and don’t you ever touch their foie gras.

If the chopper’s down, they’ll settle for the Rolls.

A brisk walk to school? Never.

What about lunch? Nope.

Why would they walk when they could show up to the first day of classes on a PJ?

Aside from the PJ, they come bearing gifts… for themselves.

The worst part of their lives is when they finally get to school and realize the kid next to them has the same Rolex. So, so sad.

H/T: Buzz Feed, Photos Courtesy: Private School Snapchats

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