Moynat: Parisian Promenade

Moynat: Parisian Promenade

The film Parisian Promenade starring Paris-based model, muse and fashion blogger Jeanne Damas, was directed by Mary Clerté and is dedicated to the legacy of the French trunk-maker and leather goods specialist founded in 1849 by female entrepreneur Pauline Moynat.

Delicate animated sketches channel Paris’ Belle Époque and light up the night sky in this new film from director Mary Clerté, dedicated to the legacy of French trunk-makers and leather goods specialist Moynat.

The updated art deco imagery is inspired by the original drawings of the atelier’s one-time art director Henri Rapin, whose iconic red leather and brass-studded luggage put the brand on the map in the early part of the 20th century.

The brand has been breaking ground since its inception in 1849, when founder Pauline Moynat—the only female trunk-maker in Paris—joined forces with the skilled craftsmen of the Coulembier family.

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