Parisian Penthouse

Parisian Penthouse
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There are few cities in this world where luxury and fashion lovers would definitely love to live. One of them is Paris, a realm of beauty, sophistication and glamor.

Parisian Penthouse

Owning a luxury home in this culturally rich capital is definitely a rare privilege, and for those of you who can actually afford one, here is a very appealing offer.

Parisian Penthouse

This superb penthouse, situated in the elite 16th arrondissement, is currently for sale at €7.63 million (over $10 million). You can find it in a beautiful 1930s building, boasting generous spaces, tall ceilings (13 ft), and large windows for plenty of natural light. The building was extensively renovated, and the apartment itself flaunts a fresh look, with contemporary design influences and a few classic touches.

Parisian Penthouse

Some key elements of the penthouse’s original architecture were kept, which gives the dwelling a select and elegant character. However, a lot of new and sharply modern features are also present around the residence, thus ensuring a unique and very alluring appearance.

Parisian Penthouse

Besides the various beautiful interior spaces – two bedrooms, large dining and living rooms, fully equipped kitchen, and a spacious entrance hall – the penthouse also flaunts a very impressive rooftop terrace of no less than 2,745 square feet! From here one can freely admire breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of the city.

Parisian Penthouse

The building has a key position, from where some of the most important Parisian landmarks can be seen: the Eiffel Tower, La Défense and Sacré Coeur. As if that wasn’t enough, the apartment also features a smaller terrace that surrounds it for additional outdoor space.

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