Photographer Carli Davidson Captures Amazing Photos Of Dogs Shaking Their Stuff

Kayla Inglima

Dogs shaking their fur at normal speed is usually a hilarious sight to see. Now imagine a moment of this captured clearly in high definition. It’s hard not to smile, laugh and have your heart warmed at these amazing photos that photographer Carli Davidson captured of our four-legged friends showing off.

Carli has released  a new book, “Shake,” with 61 images of dogs shaking their stuff and elevating them from our normally uber-cute pets, to off the charts adorable, hilarious and incredible works of art.

Carli is not only a published photographer whose work has been featured in publications like Vanity Fair and The New York Times, but also an animal rights activist and pet trainer.

Check out some of the amazing and amusing photos below:

Photos courtesy of Carli Davidson

Kayla Inglima