RV Pegaso

RV Pegaso
RV Pegaso is an over 240-foot-long superyacht that hosts a state-of-the-art research vehicle (RV) inside of it. The RV is basically a 14-ton submarine fit for deep sea dives (up to 170 meters or 557 feet).

This makes it an ideal vessel for the experienced diver and marine preservationist who owns it. Very high-tech and luxurious, this is a truly magnificent yacht.

RV Pegaso

There is enough room on the yacht for 12 guests or marine researchers. They can be accommodated in six lavish suites with en-suite bathrooms, while their work can take place in the vessel’s former dining room, which is now a fully equipped research facility. From here they can tag endangered species and monitor water pollution.

RV Pegaso

Whenever the scientific team needs to get closer to the fascinating underwater world, it can send five of its members deeper into the sea aboard the top-notch submarine, which is also the world’s only privately owned lockout sub. This means that passengers can put on their diving suits and leave the RV through a series of chambers in order to do their deep sea research.

RV Pegaso

The luxurious RV Pegaso is not only about hard work, however. After a day of intensive research, guests can completely unwind in the onboard spa, cinema, eight person spa pool, or observation lounge. All spaces are tastefully appointed to the highest standards, featuring designer furnishings, high-end materials and luxe finishes. Living onboard this vessel must be a true delight.

RV Pegaso

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