Sans Souci Boutique Hotel

Sans Souci Boutique Hotel
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Hotel Sans Souci is a luxurious destination located in the coveted Museumstraße, Vienna Austria and its amazing. The Sans Souci boutique hotel along with the Sans Souci Group have worked together to created residences and combine art & design in the heart of Vienna’s cultural quarter. 

The newly and beautifully restored Sans Souci Hotel occupies the classical Viennese building which has breathtaking views of the city. This modern take on Viennese style makes the Sans Souci Hotel the perfect retreat right in the centre of Vienna.

The yoo design studio, alongside architect David Archer, worked intensely with the Sans Souci group to distil the essence of Viennese opulence and mix it with contemporary design classics, a sense of irreverence and an excellent art collection, to create a finely balanced atmosphere of modern luxury.

Hand-picked fine antiques sit side-by-side with pieces by Tom Dixon, Arne Jacobsen, Flos and Philippe Starck, in the rooms and the public spaces.   Norbert Winkelmayer’s personal collection of modern art is on view throughout the hotel, and includes Roy Lichtenstein, Allen Jones and Steve Kaufman. – Adelto

The hotel comes loaded with tons of room and boasts 63 rooms and suites, restaurant, bar and the Sans Souci Spa Club with a size able day spa – now that’s relaxation! Fifteen private residences on the upper floors of the building provide the best in quintessential urban living.

Sans Souci
Sans Souci
Sans Souci
Sans Souci
Sans Souci

Tom Cooper | Elite.

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