Superb Glencoe Residence

Superb Glencoe Residence
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This gorgeous 10,000-square-foot residence is ideally situated between Lake Michigan and the ravine is located in Glencoe, Illinois. Sitting close to a private beach, we’re pretty certain that you should look into this property as it will fulfill your relaxation needs and desires.

Superb Glencoe Residence

The house flaunts 6,000 square feet of terraces with amazing views, but the interiors are no less impressive either. A fascinating attention to detail makes every single one of the 25 rooms in the mansion true works of art.

Superb Glencoe Residence

Exquisite furnishings, tasteful decorations, expensive imported and domestic wood, stone, limestone, luxe fixtures and top-notch appliances are all part of the deal.

Superb Glencoe Residence

This is a 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom house with three extra half baths, a 3-car garage, and surprisingly generous storage space.

Superb Glencoe Residence

Some of its most remarkable amenities include a gourmet kitchen with sitting area, coffee bar, and huge butler’s pantry, a walnut paneled library, a fully equipped exercise room, a lavish home theater, and rooftop decks. All this is priced at $4,195,000.

Superb Glencoe Residence

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